‘W’ litter (2016)


The puppies are now 12 days old and just opening their eyes!


This is time to keep the curtains drawn, as they have to adjust to light.

In a couple of days their eyes will be functioning properly, but now all will be learning how to focus.

Also at this time, the ear canals are opening, so slowly the pups begin to hear all the sounds that will become part of their world.

They do not get their full sight and hearing for a few weeks.


Another short video of the pups at 3 and half weeks of age

The pups are far more active now and they have started weaning onto the special “Natural Instinct” weaning paste.

They also have started to play with their siblings – play for them is mostly mouthing each other and trying to wrestle to test strengths!

Very sweet and spending so much time with them, no housework is getting done right now!!

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