Owners of Hollieseast-bred weimaraners are invited to pay tribute on this page to their special grey friend(s) and companion(s), who are no longer with them.  Please email me if you would like to contribute to this page. I will also pay my personal tribute, as dogs that I have bred will always remain part of my life and loves.


Hollieseast Polarkreis  (11 September 2005 – February 2012)

Weimaraner dog Hollieseast Polarkreis asleep

Jetster having a snooze

I met my first weimaraner many years ago whilst working in the Officer’s mess at an army barracks during the school holidays. I was 17 years old – but I knew there and then that this was the dog I wanted. I waited for 11 years to finally be in a position to own a weimaraner and thanks to Eve and Keith that dog was Jet. Quite literally my dream come true. He did well as a youngster in the show ring, did me proud in the field when out working, and I could talk forever about his wonderful nature; a more loving and devoted family pet there never was. I especially loved being greeted by him with one of his big toothy ‘smiles’.

Sadly we lost him in his prime under the most tragic circumstances as a victim of bloat and despite all efforts to save him he died of complications following surgery. My husband and I still miss him terribly and not a day goes by when he’s not in my thoughts. My best boy. We are fortunate enough to now own his niece, Elke, who keeps us busy with her antics. It’s funny to see that she’s developed some of Jet’s ways including becoming a great ‘smiler’! It’s a lovely reminder of our special lad whom we shall never forget. Rest in peace my wonderful boy, love you always xx



26th September 2008 – 30 May 2009

Hollieseast weimaraner living in Switzerland

Hollieseast Sabel Rassein (Flint)

Flint’s owners Anne and Cedric write: “It’s so hard to do him justice in a few words – he was such a wonderful dog and we all loved him so very dearly. Flint was a wonderful member of our family, he brought sunshine and vitality to our lives. He had the most wonderful character, gentle although he could be excitable. He loved children and always wanted to say ‘hello’. Our daughters Elodie and Amelie were like his siblings, he wanted to go everywhere they went, he loved them so much. We remember how on walks, we were so proud of him, the way he would meet other dogs and people – he seemed to know just how to approach them. This, coupled with his fantastic looks and beautiful eyes, made a lasting impression on everyone he met in Klosters, Switzerland, where he spent much of his short life. We have so many wonderful memories of him and were devastated when he contracted Masticatory Muscle Myositis – a very, very, rare and untreatable condition. We will always hold him in our hearts and cherish the short but exceptionally special time, that we all spent together.”



9th September 2007 – 20th March 2010

Weimaraner Hollieseast Perlenkette, aka Kenzie, passing her working exams in Czech Republic

Hollieseast Perlenkette (Kenzie) passing her working exams in Czech Republic

Kenzie was born on a beautiful September day. She was one of a litter of 6 puppies born to our Klara – this was to be Klara’s last litter, abiding to the ‘code of conduct’, set by the 3 breed clubs here in UK. Simona Medricka from the Czech Republic had contacted me for a bitch puppy and came to collect the 8-week- old Kenzie, when she was ready to leave the nest. Simona had wanted a bitch for show, work and breeding. Weimaraners in the Czech Republic, have to gain success in the field as well as the show ring, before they are allowed to be bred from. Simona campaigned Kenzie to her many titles – not only in the Czech Rep. but in Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Kenzie excelled at working and water tests and loved to swim, which makes the dreadful way she died all the more tragic. She was awarded the highest marks ever recorded for the Autumn field and water tests. This photo shows her (on the right) following this success. The early death of this young, beautiful bitch, through tragic circumstances has affected me greatly.

  “Be at peace now lovely silver girl – so short a life – so tragic a death – you will be remembered by your family in England who will not forget you”.


NB: Please be aware of the danger of Swimming pools and garden ponds – especially in the winter due to ice forming. Keep a safety net on to cover a pond, and make sure your dog (s) are able to get out, by means of a slope or shallow steps.



11th September 2003 –  30th September 2012

Oscar - the look only Weimaraners.can give.

Hollieseast Obermeister (Oscar)

Susan wrote this poem, dedicated to Oscar.
We loved you from the first day………
 you were very loving to us.
 I had a shadow for nine years………….
 you never left me where ever I went.
Always pleased to see whoever came to the door.
You loved food and the fire……………..
but you never liked the rain or having a bath.
We miss you and will always love you.
Mum and Dad
Oscar loved snow - but not the rain!

Oscar loved snow - but not the rain!

My tribute to Oscar;
He was a brother of our dearest boy Molsen. Sharing so many atributes.
One of a litter of 11 puppies, born to our Klara and the largest litter we have bred to date.   Susan and Ian came to see the puppies, and Oscar chose them.
He had the most wonderlife life with them at home in Lincolnshire, where he became the constant companion of Susan, who had health problems that Oscar helped her overcome.    He was their “dog of a lifetime”.
Oscar loved snow - but hated rain!

Oscar loved snow - but hated rain!

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