‘U’ Litter (2012)

Dedicated to our latest litter of pups, born June 2012,  the U litter  Sh Ch Sharnphilly Awesome JW ShCM (Finn)  x Hollieseast Sahnenkirsche (Liesle).  This page will be regularly updated with photos and news of our babies’ progress so please scroll down the page, to check and see their ongoing development :-) 
All puppies from this litter are now sold and living with their new families – have a wonderful life puppies, enjoy being special companions and true examples of  the Weimaraner :0)  Love from Eve x

Puppies at 1 week

Have been a very long time posting photos of the puppies (it’s been a bit hectic here) but I promise to update their page regularly from now on.  This photo taken after weighing, and I’m happy to report all the pups have doubled their birthweight  :0)   The boys are wearing,  Blue, Brown and Burgundy collars; and the girls  – Apricot, Yellow, Mauve and Cream.

Hollieseast weimaraner puppies

Liesle and Finn's babies at 1 week old


















Puppies at 12 Days

Liesle enjoys a morning dish of tea – sweet and milky.  At this stage of the puppies lives, the constant care and welfare of the mother is of the utmost importance.  Only by her health will the puppies continue to thrive and develop. It’s also a time of washing machine ‘overdrive’ – as the puppies bedding has to be clean, dry and changed daily, a never ending task !

Weimaraner mother and pups



Puppies 2 weeks old.

At 2 weeks of age the puppies are starting to move about the whelping box, and “play” with each other. Eyes are starting to open, (soon the brilliant sapphires will be on full display), so the curtains in their room,  have to be kept drawn to allow the light to filter in slowly. Also ear canals are clearing, which means the puppies are now aware of sound and movement, when Liesle is around :0) They still sleep a lot of the time – but when awake are more active (for a very short while)!

Weimaraner pups at 2 weeks old

Weimaraner pupppies nursey

The puppies "Nursery" - where I sleep also (just for now) :0)


Puppies 16 days old

It never ceases to charm me, how each day is a new ‘step’ in the pups development.  Just one day on and they’re already tumbling out of their box to explore their ‘nursery’. I always have an area where the mother can lie by herself, when she wants to. A bitch is always devoted to her puppies – but there are times when she needs to have a rest away from the babies.

Weimaraner pups 16 days

Weimaraner pups at 16 days

I’m calling these photos ” The Great Escape”……………………………

Hollieseast weimaraner pups 16 days old


Hollieseast weimaraner pups

"We made it! Quite exhausting - now let's have a huddle and sleep"

Primrose puppy

Except for ‘Primrose’ – yellow collar – she got left behind!!

All alone in the box – but later, joined her siblings :0)

Puppies 17 days old

My 10 year old Granddaughter Scarlett visited us to see the puppies again – especially to cuddle her ‘favourite’ – Brown collar boy ‘Nutmeg’  :0)    As she says “they’re all so sweet”  but he’s the sweetest for me” ! It’s strange that whenever we have a litter of puppies, Scarlett always finds one that is special for her.  As my daughter works every day (within the N.H.S.) owning a dog would not be possible, so she has settled for a beautiful Cat (Summer) which was an 8th birthday present for Scarlett.

Hollieseast Weimaraner puppies

Puppies at 3 weeks of age

The puppies have now left the ‘Nursery’ and are in their new location downstairs, in the utility room next to our big kitchen. Here they will stay for 2 weeks, to become used to all the general noise within the home.  Another important step in their lives is to commence weaning. My puppies are reared on a natural diet, sometimes known or called the ‘B.A.R.F. diet (biologically appropriate raw food).  This litter is the second (out of 21 litters) to be reared by this method and I highly recommend this feeding, not only to puppies, but adult dogs alike.  It’s also an oportunity to get the puppies used to a crate, although the door is always left open, at this stage.  Here’s a photo of them with Liesle and one with them enjoying their breakfast of home-made (Ground) Rice Pudding.   The boys are   Blue, Brown and Burgundy and the girls, Purple, Apricot, Yellow and Cream :0)


weimaraner puppies breakfast

U litter babies tucking in to their breakfast!

weimaraner puppies aged 3 weeks

Becoming accustomed to the crate

Wednesday July 11th 2012

Went shopping for new puppy toys today!  With each litter, the toys need replacing as they don’t last long :0)  Our adult dogs love to play with balls or kongs, so Liesle has a new ball for herself.   I love the look on her face in this photo, which clearly says;  “it’s mine, so don’t play with it unless I say so”.  Pups aren’t  bothered anyway ;-)

weimaraner toys




Puppies at 4 weeks of age

This is the time of action within the litter. Lot’s of tussle’s and testing strength – that is, whenever they’re awake!! Their teeth are like little needles and they love to test them on anything they can grab – be it clothing, hands or heels. This is also the time for the puppies to encounter new situations and experiences on a daily basis. They’re having four meals a day, so are well on the way to being independent of their mother, although Liesle is still happy to feed them and stay with them during the night.Hollieseast puppies at 4 weeks


























5 weeks of age – July 20th 2012

Today the pups went for their first car ride. Now they’re too large for my kitchen scales, so it’s time to check the weight and get worming tablets from my vet.  Alison was the vet who delivered the pups, so my appointment was with her :0)  She was thrilled to see how well they had developed and pronounced them ‘beautiful puppies’.  Each one had a health check, followed by weighing and then finally, a worming tablet.  They were all as good as gold, sitting queitly for examination and being very co-operative !!  On the way back home, all was silent as they slept.

Where are we going?First car ride

July 21st 2012

A Sunny Saturday, so time to get the puppies outside to enjoy the fresh air. They spent about an hour charging around the compound, playing with a ball, wrestling,  chasing each other and generally having a good time :0)

Puppies playing

who's in goal?

I love the photo of them at the water bucket, it was the first time any of them had tasted water – they were fascinated. When they came inside again, the whole litter crashed out to sleep. A long sleep only waking for their lunch at 2pm!!

What's this - let's have a go :0)

passing to you -are you ready?

Miss Cream collar (Lottie Latte)

Sunday July 22nd – Pups 5 weeks +

Today we welcomed Dane and Alison to see the puppies.  They’ve been waiting a long time for an Hollieseast puppy – and had booked one from Elke’s litter which was tragically lost.  Dane took some lovely photos, which he’s agreed I can post on my website.  Naturally the puppies enjoyed the extra attention, but they’re at the age of looking and being so very cute :0)

weimaraner puppies

posing for the camera.........

enjoying our ground chicken weaning food

Dane and Alison love me lots................

Age 6 weeks…………………

Quite a few visitors, over the weekend  and many thanks go to Pauline and Sharron for these latest photos of the puppies aged now 6 weeks.

6week old weimaraner puppies

We all get what we want - pups and mother :0)

Out in the fresh air for exercise...............

We love this ball - it's great for footie !

Lovely porridge for our supper................

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