The Girls

We have three lovely weimaraner bitches here at HollieseastI include Elke on this page as she is still very much part of our canine family and is the eldest, next is her half sister Liesle, then Liesle’s daughter Biba, from the litter born June 2012,  and Vivie, Biba’s daughter from the 2014 litter. Read on to find out more about them, their characters and achievements. Visit the photo gallery to view pictures of our dogs, both past and present.

Hollieseast Romantischen (Elke)

Shishoni Storm at Silverghost ShCM x Hollieseast Novekirschen JW
Elke is the older of ‘Kiri’s 2 daughters  (the late ‘H’ Novekirschen JW) here at Hollieseast.  Born June 2007, we had seven lovely bitches in this litter of 10.
  It was very difficult to make a choice, as all the puppies were of show quality. In the end it came down to very minor details for the show ring. In addition to her classic conformation, Elke has the personality we look for when choosing a puppy for showing.
Her extrovert nature and sunny personality, were a delight to visitors to our home.
She is the dam of the ‘T’ litter which was sired by Sh Ch Mabanika Sandown JW.Sh.Cm.     Three of her progeny are  well known in the show ring – namely; Australian Champion Hollieseast Truly Tempting (Czarna) who lives with Judy and Tony Glover of Feldjaegar Weimaraners in Queensland Australia.
Australian Champion Hollieseast The Time Lord at Weisshot (Floyd) living with Tommy and Pauline Hendry in Kalgoolie  Australia.
Finally  Hollieseast Time Traveller to Oakswarren (Murphy) living here in UK Barnsley, Yorkshire with Peter Watson and Joanne.
Elke has been gifted to my dear friend Thea Vincent and family, with whom she is living – to try and replace the loss of  Thea’s beloved male dog Jet, (Hollieseast Polakreis) who tragically died from complications, following surgery in 2012.

Hollieseast Sahnenkirsche (Liesle)

Eng & Irish Sh Ch Lex Terrea x Hollieseast Novekirschen JW

Liesle was born in September 2008. The one and only bitch puppy in a litter of 8.
   Mywish for’  list had been for at least 3 bitches, so I could have a choice – but it wasn’t to be! However, due to her breeding, she looked very promising. She has fulfilled that early promise, having the sweetest nature and a lovely temperament, coupled with a silver coat.
Liesle and a brother (Sam) who lives in the Czech Republic, and is a Champion in the field and show ring, carried the flag for Hollieseast.
Her wins included – 12 x  ‘Best Puppy in Breed’5 x  Gundog puppy group 1 - 3 x Gundog puppy group 2 - 2 x ‘Best Puppy in Show 3′ - 3 x ‘Reserve Best Puppy in Show’ and BOB x 2 with Group 1 and 2 placings. She was also ‘Best Puppy in Breed’ at both Windsor & East of England Championship shows.
Despite her numerous awards in the show ring,  she narrowly missed gaining her ‘Junior Warrant’ certificate, by just 3 points.  Since then, however, she has been awarded her K.C. studbook qualification, by winning the  largest class at Cruft’s Championship show 2012 – which was ‘Limit Bitch’ with 23 entries.
Liesle’s only litter was born on June 15th 2012,  sired by; B.O.B. Cruft’s winner 2012 – Sh.Ch. Sharnphilly Awesome JW ShCm

Hollieseast Uber Chic (Biba)

Sh.Ch.Sharnphilly Awesome J.W. ShCm x Hollieseast Sahenkirsche

Beautiful Biba JGR_1668   Biba is one of the most beautiful of all our girls and is settled very happily with her mother, (Liesle)  and daughter Vivie. During her puppy-hood, Biba regularly attended Ringcraft training class(es)  for socialisation and show training and loved meeting and playing with other puppies, of any breed. This activity formed part of her general training and has resulted in her having a lovely, calm and laid-back nature . She was born in June 2012 and was shown regularly as a puppy, with many wins at both Open and Championship shows. However, due to my own health problems, in 2013,  we both took a break. Following the birth of her 1st litter in September 2014,  Biba and I are still on ‘show-break’ mode as my health problems still prevent me from returning to my hobby in the show ring. Never-the-less,I’m sure Biba will certainly be able to carry the flag for Hollieseast  into the future.


Hollieseast Vivre le Vogue (Vivie)

Hollieseast Time Traveller to Oakswarren x Hollieseast Uber Chic
Vivie was born in September 2014 – one of 11 puppies born to our lovely Biba.
Only the 2nd time in over 40 years in the breed, has one of my bitches whelped such a large litter.
Of the 3 bitches (8 dogs) born – Vivie is the one chosen by me to become part of our canine family.
She is proving to be a good choice, although I know all her siblings have also become very special to their owners.
Her training started at puppy classes for general obedience and later at show ring training classes, again all with pups or small dogs.
Vivie has enjoyed success in the show ring in 2016 winning at Breed Club shows as well as general Championship shows and qualified for “Cruft’s” many times over.
She will be taking a break for maternal duties this Year 2017 -
I have no doubt that the future will be bright for this newest addition to our pack.
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