Puppy rearing

Each litter is carefully planned and the puppies are reared entirely in the house. In fact, we use the second of the 3 bedrooms as a nursery for the mother and pups at this very important post-natal stage.

From the time of birth, until 3 weeks of age, the puppies are with their dam constantly in the nursery.   I love this time of their lives, the daily changes in their development is always a wonder to me and I spend so much time with them that they become real “time-wasters” in my daily routine  :0)

When weaning starts in earnest, the puppies are moved downstairs, to the large utility room, where they continue to grow, develop and discover what life with humans is all about.   This is where most of our puppy buyers first meet the litter.

Our puppies are reared on a ‘natural’ diet, sometimes called the BARF diet.   This means raw minced meats with bone, fruits and raw vegetables (pulped) added.    You can find out more about this type of feeding on the internet.

I have reared our puppies on this ‘natural diet’ for the past 10 years.  

Our bitches have gleaming coats, white teeth and fresh breath.    One only has to consider dogs living in the wild.   They would hunt their own food –  Wildfowl, Game birds, Rabbits and they would eat berries from hedgerows, fallen apples and other fruits.   This is all natural food and in my opinion – it’s the best diet a dog can have.    Forget the many types of processed dry kibble available,  we all know that processed food is bad for us, so why give it to our beloved pets?

Before they leave us to go to their new homes, the pups have already received some important socialisation and experienced the ‘every day’ things that they will encounter in their new home environment.

This includes the hustle & bustle of our home,  family and friends, often visiting children too, plus the general noise of kitchen appliances, also puppy visitors, whom we welcome to see the litter after making a reservation.

As well as mixing with our adult dogs, when the puppies are old enough, (at around 5 weeks of age), they go outside every day to play in the  secure garden.   The puppies are also taken on short car rides as we have found this practice to be most beneficial to young pups.    In addition to playing with their litter mates, all these aspects are important in their early development, providing a sound foundation for their future.

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