Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the memory of our beautiful dogs who, although no longer with us, will always remain in our hearts. Each and every one of our dogs is cherished and here we pay tribute to the grey ones who are gone but never forgotten…

Terrag Heloise of Hollieseast (Zoe)

My foundation bitch, Zoë, was Born in July 1975, a daughter of my first dog, Monroe’s Ulrich (Jake) one of the famous ‘U’ litter bred by the late Mrs Joan Matuszewska in 1971. Sadly there are no pictures good enough to portray Zoë’s qualities, only faded snapshots of this very typy bitch, who was to become so important to our kennel. When mated to the famous Sh Ch Greyfilk Knightsman in 1980, she produced my extra special girl Hollieseast Dolly Delectus (Cherri) , who was to remain my constant companion through some difficult times ahead. Cherri was later mated to Risinglark Raincheck, and from this litter we kept Hollieseast Gala Von Gemini (Pippa), who was to become the dam of our then winning bitches Heidekirsche ‘ (Kiri Snr), and ‘Eis Kristall’ (Ritzi). I have been so fortunate with the strong female lines originating from Zoe, to whom I owe everything I have achieved.

Hollieseast Dolly Delectus (Cherri)

A daughter of Zoë – Cherri was my husband Keith’s introduction to Weimaraners. We both hold wonderful memories of this lovely girl, and her gentle ways with ducks, cats, rabbits and other animals!  Without her my life would not have been the same. During her youth, she spent more than 4 years with me living in the Middle East (Kuwait) where she was loved and admired by the ex-pat community living there, and always accompanied us on our ‘Fridays’ to the beach. She was very, very special. Cherri was the mother of Pippa and with the birth of this litter sired by Risinglark Raincheck , I was able to continue my line, which would have died out with out her existence. To Cherri, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude, which can never be repaid. She lived to be nearly 12 years of age.

Hollieseast Gala von Gemini (Pippa)

Cherri’s daughter Pippa, was a classic beauty, who lived 12 good years. She produced two fantastic litters during her life, both sired by her first cousin Sh Ch Risinglark Notorious for whom she retained a life long love!  Both litters contained championship show winning progeny. Pippa is the mother of Kiri (senior) as well as Ritzi in her second litter and was happier outside the show ring! Thus proving you do not need to breed from show winners to produce show winners. You just need the right material, and Pippa was certainly that!

Hollieseast Heidekirsche R.C.C. x 2 (Kiri Snr.)

This fabulous girl was Ritzi’s older sister and deserves to be remembered as the bravest and most loyal companion we could have wished for . Kiri was the mother of  Klara, and was a fantastic show dog in her time, winning constantly. Kiri’s numerous awards included Best in Show at South Western Gundog. When older, she won Veteran Bitch at CRUFTS, and was also Best Veteran at the Weimaraner Club Open Show, when her daughter, Klara , was also Best Bitch, a unique event at the time.
Kiri had three lovely litters in her lifetime; she will never be forgoten. We lost her to osteocarcinoma, far too soon, aged only 9 years. So beautiful, a truly stunning bitch, she was my soul mate, who will live on in my heart forever.

Hollieseast Eis Kristall J.W. (Ritzi)

We considered Ritzi to be the epitome of all that is the Weimaraner. With her classic head, superb conformation and movement, she was what our breeding is all about. Although not possessing the beautiful silver taupe coat of her more glamorous older sister ‘Heidekirsche’ Ritzi should have gained her ‘crown’.  To us she was a champion. In her youth being a consistent winner, she amassed almost double the points needed for a Junior Warrant by the age of 18 months.  My companion during the ‘Canine Studies’ course, Ritzi came with me every week to classes and was my ‘case study dog’ for the various elements and assignments undertaken. She loved being the centre of attention and revelled in retrieving and searches, set during the scurries. A water lover, she swam like an otter, and in the summer months when we went to the beach together with Klara, they gave synchronised swimming displays to a delighted public.

Ritzi was my son Jeremy’s favourite dog, amongst our Weimaraners and was always ready for a game with a ball or Frisbee. Never dropping a catch when she was younger!

Ritzi had reached her 14th year and retained her special status within our canine family. Following a short illness meant we had to say ‘goodbye’ to her in March 2008. She really was ‘one in a million’ and will be so very fondly remembered by us and her many friends and admirers. We buried her in the front garden and planted an apple tree on her grave, as she absolutely adored apples and always expected to share one with you! Thank you dear Ritzi for so many wonderful memories, you were such a special part of my life when we were young together.

Hollieseast Oktoberfest J.W. (Molsen)

Born in September 2003, Molsen was one of eleven gorgeous puppies born to Klara at that time. This was the largest litter we had ever bred! Even though he was ‘pick of the litter’ from the show quality male puppies, we had no intention of keeping him. However, fate took a hand, and he ended up with his ‘feet firmly under the table’, and joined Kiri on the show scene, with great success. His 11 x championship show wins, plus Open Show Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed wins, gave Molsen his Junior Warrant and K.C. Stud Book number at the tender age of just 10 months. The Weimaraner Association also declared him the Top-Winning Puppy for 2004! He was awarded the ‘Dutch Gold Trophy’ for this achievement.

All our dogs have a special place in our lives, but Molsen’s place and presence was extra special. He wanted to be the first to greet visitors and puppy buyers to our home and everyone who met him, fell in love with him at once. Children were fascinated by his size and gentle strength. Adults admired his handsome good looks and superb behaviour. He was the reason so many people decided they wanted a dog puppy - “just like Molsen“.

His life should have been twice as long as it was, but fate that took a hand at the start of his life – took him from us, in his prime. Klara’s son, Kiri’s (half) brother, Elke’s uncle and Liesle’s best playmate, they all miss him as much as we do. My sole consolation is that he passed away peacefully, without pain. Still warm in his bed, when I found him. He was as handsome in death as he was in life, his silver coat gleaming. I closed his beautiful soft expressive eyes, took his lovely head into my arms, told him how much he was loved and how he could never be replaced. I thought my heart would break.

The best ambassador any breed could wish for, the most wonderful dog ever. It was a privilage to have shared a life with you. Wait for me my darling boy, over the rainbow bridge, where we shall enjoy wonderful walks together again someday. Here are just some of the lovely messages we received after losing dear Molsen:

  •  The reason we had Spike was because we loved Molsen when we met - Christina & Marc
  • The largest of your Weimar’s in size, spirit and personality. A true gentleman” – Jeremy
  • If you dreamed of designing your perfect dog – that would be Molsen – the best dog ever in my life” – Keith
  • Seeing Molsen made us want to have a boy – looking at Molsen, I can just see Roddey in years to come” – Jaki & Family
  • He loose his fight with ill heart – Molsen was my star, the loveliest boy ever – my most beloved dog from all Hollieseast”- Simona - Czech Rep. 
  • When I first saw Molsen, I wanted a dog just like him – he’s the reason we now have Kasper” – James & Laura
  •  We are all so very sorry to hear the sad news about Molsen. He was a truly special dog who melted our hearts” – Anne & CedricZurich
  • Molsen made such an impression when I first came to visit – I remember his beautiful coat, amazingly soft eyes and incredible body!” – Stephanie
  • I’d longed for a Weimaraner for many years but when finally the time was right for us to get a dog, my husband wasn’t sure, never having met this wonderful breed. We visited Eve and Keith in 2005 and this handsome boy won James over in an instant. The rest, as they say, is history. We count ourselves so fortunate to own a ‘Hollieseast’ dog and I have Molsen to thank for that . A wonderful combination of characteristics, strikingly handsome, well constructed, he did his kennel proud in the show ring. At home, Molsen was the gentle giant in the family, both welcoming and affectionate to friends, family and visitors alike. He will be missed so very, very, much”. - Thea
  • We were lucky enough to know him and meet him on 3 occasions – such a big majestic boy & how everyone would want a male Weimaraner to be.” Wendy, Martin, Georgia, Ellie, Mia and Macey
  • I have never seen before, a dog with such a look that Molsen had, when your son Jeremy made that wonderful photo. Having looked at photo’s of Molsen – I dream that our future ‘Hollieseast’ puppy would look as great as him………..” Ksenia and Misha (St. PetersburgRussia)

Hollieseast Novekirschen J.W. (Kiri  jnr.)

Born in August 2002 – my Beautiful, darling girl was taken from us suddenly in December 2012.  Kiri was our top winning bitch during her 10 year lifetime, and her awards are too many to list here. Some can be mentioned such as her Junior warrant and ‘Best Puppy in Show’ aged 8 months and ‘Reserve Best Bitch’ at a Weimaraner Club show when older and more mature. She was the mother of both Elke and Liesle from the ‘R’ and ‘S’ litters and  had such special qualities, fabulous showgirl, fantastic mother to her 3 litters and most beloved companion to me and Keith.  As a grandmother, Kiri took great delight in her granddaughter Biba and was always ready to play,  leaving Liesle to join in when allowed !  Such was the temperament of this lovely girl, she would allow her canine family to come and visit her puppies without qualms.  Like all our dogs, Kiri remains in our hearts and her ashes are buried in our front garden, along with her half brother Molsen and her great aunt Ritzi.   This very special girl, who again was such an important part of the ‘Hollieseast’ story, will always be remembered in her children and grandchildren, who are with us now and are the future.

Hollieseast Liebestraume (Klara)

Sh Ch Khamsynn Cool for Cats x Hollieseast Hiedekirsche (2 RCCs)

Born in March 1999, Klara was the matriarch in our dog family and is the Dam of the N, O and P litters. She was a daughter of our (late) fabulous ‘Heidekirsche’ from whom she inherited her superb true ‘silver grey’ coat colour, which she in turn passed on to her progeny.

Klara had numerous show wins during her life including Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show at a Weimaraner Club Open Show and winning the Reserve CC at the South Wales Championship Show in 2002, gave her, her K.C. Stud Book number.

Klara proved to be the most wonderful mother to her offspring, and cared for her puppies with devotion. She was the mother of the late, Multi-European Champion Hollieseast Perlenkette, who lived in the Czech Republic

As great-grandmother, Klara still loved to spend time, cleaning and caring for puppies, when she got a chance!!

Her gentle nature and silky coat made her a favourite with our grandchildren. She was a wonderful swimmer and taught the youngsters a ‘thing or two’ when it came to water retrieves.

She was also the special favourite dog of my (late) grandson Lewis and I count myself fortunate to have bred such a lovely bitch.

Klara lived a long and happy life achieving the grand age of 15 years and 8 months which put her into the “Weimaraner Hall of Fame” for longevity.

Thank you beautiful girl, for being such a big part of my life……………………………..


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