Breeding ethics

As members of the 4 U.K. Breed Clubs* we adhere to a breeding Code of Ethics.  Our bitches whelp no more than 3 litters in their lifetime and will not be bred from before the age of 2

or after the age of 7.

We only ever have one breeding bitch at a time and our bitches stay with us to enjoy their retirement, when their breeding lives are over.  They are NEVER re-homed after their last litter, as is the case with some other Breeders – we abhor this practice.

“What we breed to keep, we keep for life”.  Our dogs are a lifetime commitment, to be loved and valued as much in their old age as when they are young and full of mischief !

Tail docking was banned on April 27th 2007  under the newly revised Animal Welfare Act in England. Therefore, all our weimaraner puppies will have their full natural tail.  However, dew claws are removed to the breed standard and requirement, for UK bred Weimaraners.

Photo (left) is of the late, much cherished – Hollieseast Novekirschen J.W with her ‘S’ litter puppies.

* The UK’s breed clubs are:  The Weimaraner Club of Great Britain, The Weimaraner Association,  The North of England Weimaraner Society and The Weimaraner Club of Scotland.


weimaraner bitch and puppies

Biba with her 11 newborn puppies


Our current brood bitch beautiful Biba  – Hollieseast Uber Chic -

pictured here with her September 2014 ‘V’ litter puppies.

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