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Established in 1977 – The affix HOLLIESEAST was granted at that time, by the Kennel Club and was the name of the house in Suffolk where the first litter was born. We are now a well-known kennel, the most successful in Norfolk, with 4 Champions to our credit as well as our bitches having gained their Kennel Club Stud Book number. As an experienced Weimaraner breeder I am proud of producing all-round dogs of excellent type and temperament for family life, as well as show and working dogs.

  • Weimaraners are the only breed we own and specialise in.  We breed for health, temperament and beauty.

Based in a pretty  rural village just outside the town and port of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, over the years we have been pleased to welcome visitors from all over the country, with prospective puppy buyers coming from as far afield as Southern Cornwall and Northern Scotland, to meet us and our dogs.  We’ve also  had the pleasure of meeting families from around Europe including Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic. Our breeding stock are all hip scored. There are, however, other important characteristics of the breed that should be taken into consideration, i.e. temperament, overall conformation and movement, coat colour and texture, and eye shape. Hip scoring is just one aspect. There is no point in having a low hip score if the dog does not possess the other attributes.

Weimaraner bitch in the show ring at Crufts championship dog show

Eve pictured with Hollieseast Romantischen (Elke) at Crufts

All the litters are carefully planned, we breed only to continue our line, or to keep a puppy for showing.   We take great pride in the fact that our bitches produce quality, silver grey puppies, with the correct short, sleek coat, so desired within the Weimaraner breed. It’s quite usual for us to have a waiting list in advance of any puppies born, and we deal with all enquiries personally as they come. Our dogs are ALL Championship show winners. It’s an important fact when looking for a puppy to ‘show, that the parents are consistent show winners and have proved themselves competing against their peer’s in the show ring and are capable of producing quality pups. With enquiries for puppy to be the family pet, it’s still nice to know the pup comes from award winning stock. Over the past 40 years or so, we have owned and/or bred a multi (European) female Champion, (that is, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Poland, Holland, Lichtenstein and Germany).  Also male  Slovak/CZ Champion,  female Australian Champion., and our latest Male Australian Champion.    Also C.C and Reserve C.C winners, as well as “Junior Warrant” holders. To gain a  “Junior Warrant”  the dog must obtain 25 points won at ‘Open’ or ‘Championship’ shows – before the age of 18 months.  Points are only awarded for being 1st in a class of 3 or more dogs. A Kennel Club Stud Book Number is awarded to dogs gaining J.W  C.C or R.C.C. or winning 1st in Limit class or 1st 2nd or 3rd in Open class at Championship shows, these awards therefore qualify a dog for life, to enter CRUFTS, the most well known of all the Championship Dog Shows.

Many of our puppies go to families with school age children, who often have other pets including cats, guinea pigs and rabbits! If a puppy is introduced to another animal in the family, whilst the puppy is a baby, it will accept it as part of the ‘pack’. We have many puppies/dogs living with other pets in their homes.

One of our greatest pleasures is to be contacted by a previous ‘Hollieseast’ puppy buyer, either wanting to add to their Weimaraner family, or to replace a much loved pet.   All our litters are reared in the house, with great care and attention to their welfare, the emphasis being on their development with the human family with whom they are going to live, and hopefully spend the rest of their lives. I am a member of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain, The Weimaraner Association, The North of England Weimaraner Society and The Weimaraner Club of Scotland.   Keith (my late husband) was Trophy Steward and on the commitee of the W.C.G.B for more than 10 years.  I also judge our breed at  ‘Open Show’  level and am eligible to judge 5 or more classes of Weimaraners at Kennel Club Licenced events.  Ihave the interest and welfare of this wonderful breed at heart.   If you contact us for a puppy, you will be asked questions regarding your lifestyle and home environment.  If the thought of this offends you, then please do not contact us. You can always buy from another source.

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